18 Jun 2013

News Update

We played at the Parr Hall, it was... lets say an experience. Our fans who came down to watch were utterly amazing and more than made up for the fiasco which was the 'organization' of the gig.

Sadly though it was Magic Weekend (The single biggest night for Rugby League in Warrington aside from the cup matches) and many of our fans already had tickets. Because of this we lost out at the competition.

HOWEVER we have some very good news. Our follower count on twitter is over 19,000 we've had over 5ooo hits on youtube from the footage of 'Generation X' live at the MCA; and best of all reverbnation.com the worlds foremost unsigned acts website currently ranks us:

Number 1 in all Cheshire Indie charts
Number 2 in Manchester's Indie charts
Number 9 in the UK's Indie charts
Number 116 in the Global Indie charts

(how do I improve my rank... By being fucking awesome, that's how)


We are utterly overwhelmed by these figures and are looking forward to the future... in which we will be ranked first in every chart ;)

Number 1 by name, Number 1 by nature